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JP Doggett

Natalie Berg, Founder of NBK Retail shared her analysis of the ecommerce and retail landscape and offered some ideas about how retailers and their supply chain partners can respond to the dominating presence of Amazon.

Key points included:

  • Amazon takes the ‘joy’ out of shopping: there is no browsing experience. 
  • “Even when customers don’t know it yet, they want something better” (Jeff Bezos 2017)
  • Amazon can’t do curation. This is where specialist shops and experiential shopping will win customers. 
  • Physical shops are required to get close to the consumer - hence previous pure plays are creating shop networks
  • Amazon is taking the friction out of shopping (automatic re-ordering, stores with no checkouts). Invest in frictionless experience to win customers!
  • Look to collaborate with other retailers - eg click and collect, returns. 
  • Repurpose stores as collection points, have better inventory visibility. 
  • Ecommerce will not kill physical stores. 
  • Amazon has won customers by creating trust. 
  • The retail apocalypse is hyped by the media. The truth is that there are too many shops, too many mediocre shops, and specialists that have ‘forgotten to specialise’.
  • Department stores have too much space, and are likely to continue to die out. 
  • Amazon kills mediocre stores. But other major brands are pushing out weaker retailers too - eg Primark in clothing, Aldi in grocery. 
  • C&C is likely to see further development. 
  • We will spend less time buying essentials going forwards. Eg smart tech will know we are low on bleach and will order it. 

Slides available here.

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