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Every supply chain has its idiosyncrasies, every organisation its own patterns of demand and forecasting. There's therefore no fixed way to rate or select 'the best' planning tool - rather you must select the best tool for your organisation. This session is aimed at those who know there is a need for a planning solution or a change of tool; who are evaluating the best options and beginning the process of shortlisting or narrowing down the search. We'll look at selection process and methodology, looking at scorecasrd frameworks that can help prioritise and narrow the field. We'll draw on expertise from experts Olivehorse, and will involve a range of businesses looking at either wholesale transformation or specific elements of automation.
How to shortlist and select the best planning tool
Defining your specific needs and core capabilities Advice from experience: what's a wrong decision, and how do you avoid making one? Considering solution lifecycle: capability, support and vendor investment vs. your likely future needs  WHO FOR? 
Industry sectors: current practitioners from all sectors
Org. size (annual T/O): medium to large, typically £200m+
Roles & remits: Heads of:  Supply Chain, Logistics, Analytics, Transformation with a role in implementing and advancing planning capabilities
All discussions are private, held under the Chatham House Rule and moderated by INTENT with approx. 6-8 participants for 45-85 mins of candid, interactive discussion (not a passive webinar) Some discussions include subject matter experts from member-recommended INTENT Partners, others are exchanges of best practice, experiences and ideas among practitioner members only Discussions are shaped by participants according to their interests and questions We may adjust participation to avoid competitive sensitivities and ensure productive discussion  WHEN? 
Friday 18th June (11.00 BST / 12.00 CEST) for max. 85 minutes
Hosted by Intent
Expert guests: Fred Akuffo &  Jim Houghton, Olivehorse
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