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Dynamic network design - agility & resilience for 'new normal'
Recent news about Covid-19 vaccines is nothing but positive but we are still likely to encounter more volatility of supply conditions in future. Therefore, the idea that your network is something you review every two or three years won't work in this scenario and, instead, a more frequent and dynamic network design planning process will be required.
Up-stream sourcing strategy: China + 1? How to diversify? How to adapt network design processes? Data lakes, dashboards & scenario analyses 'Supply sensing'?: tools & techniques for early warning of supply shocks Moderated by Intent, this is an interactive discussion for practitioners to share experience and ideas. It is shaped by participants' input with opportunities to continue conversations with individual participants afterwards.
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Perfect delivery – adaptive logistics and trade compliance
(for current practitioners only)
25th Feb & 3rd March
The global pandemic has expedited the evolution of business models especially direct to consumer and highlighted the impact of interruptions on service and critical supply levels, in addition to impacts from climate change, social unrest, cyber and physical attacks on assets. Brexit adds to the volatility. To manage these risks and retain customers' trust, supply chain practitioners need greater visibility and traceability to profitably and promptly satisfy demand irrespective of channel and proactively manage incidents. This discussion will explore:
How can a perfect delivery digitalisation roadmap address: strategic drivers? (cost, customer experience, compliance, carbon footprint and human capital) tactical drivers (business model evolution, Brexit, pandemic-driven volatility)  What should digitalised perfect delivery look like? Logistics - Plan and adapt to disruptions and execute to exceed expectations. Retaining customers' trust with proactive advice on changes to ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) leveraging AI and incorporating external data e.g. incidents such as port closures etc. IoT for fleet monitoring, quality assurance and near real-time response Transport Orchestration to deliver on your responsibility for the shipments irrespective of the extent of outsourcing to 3PLs Trade compliance - minimised delays, costs and trade risk through rigorous trade compliance How & where to start? Identifying best value initiatives SaaS / cloud as the foundation Frameworks for evaluating potential RoI Who needs to be on board? Hosted by Intent
Expert guest: Vikram Singla, Strategy Director, Oracle
Max. 90-minute, interactive discussion with 4-6 participants who shape the discussion agenda. The confirmed participant list will be shared in advance.
Request to join* (25th Feb & 3rd March)
Would like to join but can't make the date?
*we may adjust participation for an optimal discussion group

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