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    Free for verified practitioners representing and employed by supply chain organisations in permanent / open-ended roles.

    Ensure you are up to speed with latest thinking around supply chain transformation
    Crowdsource usable insights that address your challenges
    Easily focus on the specific threads useful to you, or members with useful insights
    Avoid common annoyances of spam, hard selling, overt commerciality
    Further best industry practise: share your own views and experience
    Build your network: find like-minded peers
    Post questions and answers in Q&A forums
    Rate questions & answers
    Create & vote in polls
    Follow specific questions, forums and members
    Custom activity streams / digests by forum, topic or tag
    Control notification method & frequency for each item followed
    Required fields: name, title, organisation, email address
    Connect with LInkedIn or Google account
    Practitioner profile fields
    Role & remits Location & size Expertise & interests
    Industry sector Supply chain footprint Special characteristics
    Solution Provider profile fields
    Roles & remits served Locations served Org. types served
    Ind. sectors served Solution categories Domain & tech. expertise
    Message members*
    Host a personal blog & resource library
    Request & join online discussions
    *Member messaging limits are managed to ensure quality and a healthy balance of activity


    The full list is here but you're probably wondering about...

    How much contact will I receive?

    Firstly, there are no connection requests although members can follow your contributions to the community. We actively manage messaging limits by member type to prevent abuse and it’s easy to report abuse confidentially to community administrators. We can and will sanction members who do not adhere to community policies and guidelines.

    Do I have time for this?

    We are acutely aware of the demands on our members’ time so we’ve designed the community to make it quick and easy to zero in on precisely what’s relevant for you:

    • Faceted search offers multiple ways to filter content, members and activity
    • Create custom activity streams so that only what you’re interested in is served to you each time you sign in
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