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  • Shared learning for supply chain digital transformation

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    Aligning stakeholders and building confidence through shared learning.

    SupplyChainINTENT, by Intent Group, is a community for supply chain leaders, to de-risk and optimise digital transformation through practical, member-to-member knowledge-sharing on:

    • Developing a coherent and comprehensive supply chain transformation vision
    • Evaluating business cases and priorities for transformation roadmaps
    • Drilling down into digital transformation of specific processes and capabilities
    • Mastering transformation leadership and change management

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    Shared learning happens through regular roundtable-style discussions tailored to address participants' key interests. Outputs from discussions are posted in our community forums to crowdsource practical insights on supply chain digital transformation.


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    Over the last few years and particularly during the pandemic, we've listened to our members detail their challenges:

    • 'it's a strategic priority but not at all clear what digital transformation means in practice'
    • 'everyone has their own understanding and priorities so, as a team, we get pulled in different directions'
    • 'the amount of noise makes it harder to understand which initiatives are most likely to add value for us'
    • 'there's lots of theory about digitalisation but not much on practical applications in specific industries and contexts'
    • 'the soft stuff is the hard stuff so getting buy-in, transforming mindsets and overcoming silo thinking is the main obstacle'
    • 'there's lots of waste as we're probably making the same mistakes as other similar businesses...plus some new ones!'


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    We run regular interactive discussions in small groups under seven main themes, covering the strategic and change management challenges (the 'soft stuff') alongside the specific process transformation opportunities (the 'hard stuff'). 

    The discussion programmes are designed to offer holistic perspectives that members of transformation teams can engage with to improve and align thinking by seeing and hearing what others are doing. 

    Our focus is on unlocking the collective knowledge of our members by facilitating the exchange of ideas and lessons learned, sometimes with a specialist guest expert.

    There are no obligations or expectations other than to buy into the give and take of shared learning.


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    Discussions and forums are open to supply chain practitioners with a role in planning and delivering their digital transformation vision.


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    Discussion themes are dynamic and responsive to members' interests but, among others, topics include...

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